Aug 08 2013

Best Places to Go Bear Hunting

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When going bear hunting, most people must travel to remote locations. This is true since most of the United States and industrialized world has chased the bears to remote corners of the world. Here are top three bear hunting locations in the United States.

Alaska: When heading to Alaska, one can enjoy bear hunting in peace and quiet. This is a perfect place for a hunter who does not mind riding on a plane for a few hours. Once in Alaska, most hunters will discover the (more…)

May 30 2013

Best Places to Go Deer Hunting

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Deer hunting is an exciting sport based on skill and patience. When you want to have the most success at hunting deer during the season, you will want to travel to the best places for hunting. Some of the best places will have a large amount of deer, and you may even be able to find a prized trophy buck.

If you are looking for quality rather than quantity, Iowa is the place to go deer hunting. Iowa’s numbers are typically lower than other states where (more…)

Mar 27 2013

New Hunting Gear for Old Hunters

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Finding new hunting gear for old hunters can be extremely frustrating if you are not capable of understanding their unique needs. If you have a hunter in your family, there are countless gifts that you can purchase for them if you do your research beforehand. Seasoned outdoorsmen usually know exactly what they love, and trying to get them something different is typically a bad idea at best. You should speak to them to let them know that you are interested in their hobbies. (more…)

Jul 13 2012

Hunting, Fun for the Whole Family

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Hunting is a fun and productive sport that the whole family can enjoy. It provides a great opportunity for parents and children to spend quality time together. It’s also a fantastic way to get the kids away from the television for the summer by cultivating an interest in the great outdoors. Encouraging more physical activity will prevent your children from becoming yet another statistic in the rising rates of childhood obesity.

There is no better way to teach young (more…)

Jun 30 2011

Keeping Safe This Hunting Season

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Hunting is nothing if not a dangerous sport, but it’s easy to stay safe when you’re in the woods or at home with your equipment. Here are a few of our best suggestions for being the safest hunter around this season:
Keep your guns locked: This one’s a no-brainer, but keeping your guns locked up tight is smart for you and your family. Not only do locked guns help protect kids, they keep intruders from using them against you as well. For extra security, consider looking into an alarm system from (more…)

Apr 21 2011

Hunting As a Fun Family Activity

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Non-hunters think hunting is men only, but it’s also a great family activity. Families can learn new skills, talk to each other and just enjoy a relaxing time in nature together.

Hunting offers a lot of opportunities to teach kids new skills and brush up on old ones, both for life and in the woods. Learning responsibility is more interesting with a goal attached, like learning to shoot. Camping skills, basic butchering and campfire cooking are all interesting to kids because they can get their hands dirty. Even weapon maintenance is fun when done together (more…)

Apr 06 2011

What’s New and Cool In Hunting Gear

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Have you ever wished that you could climb up into your tree stand and not hear it creek and moan? Do you cringe because you know that all the animals are hearing it too? Well, you will no longer have to worry about this problem. In two thousand eleven, manufacturers have come out with a new type of tree stand that is super quiet. This new type of tree stand is made out of soundproofing material. These new tree stands not only offer silence but they are also safe and (more…)

Mar 22 2011

Planning for Your Next Hunting Trip

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Hunting, once man’s primary means of obtaining food, is now one of the most popular pastimes in America and elsewhere ” especially today, when we have the leisure time for such activities. And when out on a hunting safari, what you want first of all is a place to settle down when you’re not hunting. So let us look at some of the best hunting lodges in the country.The Vineyards at Longview, Kentucky, is the newest of its kind in the central part of the state. The lodge has recently been renovated and includes a restaurant with the full range of services, a bar, and an archery range. You can also have your trophy expertly mounted here.Locust Ridge,, three miles from the Neosho River in southeastern Kansas, features a modern cabin in the midst of an area that includes duck swamps. Archery, muzzle loader and rifle are also available here.Victoria Cabin is within the historic copper mining town of that name in Michigan, near Rockland. It is open during all seasons and offers a magnificent view of Lake Superior. For more information, email lodges I have given are only a few of many in existence.

Aug 03 2010

A close look at hunting blinds

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Professional hunters select their blind based on a number of factors. One of them is portability. Larger blinds are better suited to hunters that take a vehicle to their site, not to those who hike out more than a mile or so to their spot. For the latter, there are a number of blinds with carrying straps that weigh less than 20 pounds. These are generally pop-up blinds, which can be easily assembled and usually include floors for marshy areas.Another issue to consider is the type of game. For ducks and other fowl, you may not even have to purchase a blind, as long as there’s some nearby dirt that you can pile up. For larger game (and longer hunts), you might prefer a totally enclosed blind. The benefits of an enclosed blind include having space for a heating source and minimizing movement and sound when there are multiple hunters. (more…)

Jun 30 2010

Trail Cameras: Changing the Scope of Hunting

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If you are an avid hunter, planning to spend significant time in the woods this summer, you should definitely consider investing in a trail camera. These devices can be found in an array of models and designs to suit various hunting styles. Originally, scientists and other studiers of animal activity would use these cameras to capture images in order to better understand the behaviors and activity of different species. More recently, this product is being marketed to hunters as a way to determine where the best place is to set up a hunting stand or monitor the growth of certain animals in the area. Trail cameras have become extremely popular amongst deer hunters, perhaps due to the fact that white-tail deer are the most hunted game in North America. Depending on your budget and hunting habits, there are a variety of different cameras, varying significantly in price. (more…)

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